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props from my peeps . . .

What I loved about working with Sonja is how validated and heard I felt. She completely understood where I was coming from and where I was trying to go in my business, AND she could also see where I was getting stuck. She gave me some great marketing advice, steps I could take right away, that was VERY practical, but also felt aligned with my personality and business.

– Katie Gordon -

Sonja’s excitement for my ideas helped me to feel confident growing into my business ideas that were a stretch for me. Her intuition and deep listening skills had me saying YES to myself, clarifying my vision, and setting action steps to love on brand and get my self and my work visible!

– Jessie Lucas -

Working with Sonja is so special. She is super positive, constantly troubleshooting your attitude and actions for better results and providing great feedback and potential immediate solutions. I highly recommend working with Sonja.

– Ida Chiara-Young -

Working with Sonja helped me not only see, but break through patterns with food and body image that I could not have done on my own. I was also able to see where certain things in my life that I had been avoiding were really effecting my overall health and well being. I was able to heal these things and move on and my life looks completely different now. I’ve changed in so many ways for the better and recommend Sonja if you are looking to make a change in your life.