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“What’s Fresh Betty?” is a question I often get asked.  I strongly believe a Fresh Betty is a woman who is living this life with all senses engaged, always growing, expanding, learning and doing it in the most adventurous, active way possible, taking the road less traveled AND has no trouble receiving what she wants or needs.  She shreds trails and goes on night hikes, loves nature but also has a deep appreciation for the luxurious side of life too (think 5 day trip backpacking in the mountains and valleys followed by a 2 night stay at a 5 star hotel with a massage, sauna and poolside drink service:) She is an action taker, driven and focused, She walks her talk instead of just setting intentions and not following through. She is the woman in the Patagonia catalog that you wish you could be. She regularly unplugs for a few weeks and goes backpacking in the freedom of the hills and then reemerges from those hills, inspired, recharged and ready for what’s next. She is within all of us and is often stuck deep within and I mean DEEP within.

Body By Nature . . .

The difference between a Fresh Betty and the rest of us is that she is connected to her Body By Nature.  She maintains a natural F L O W in her life and is not hung up on body image, being defined by numbers in the form of weight or sizes, obsessing over what she ate, guilting and shaming herself after an emotional eating meltdown OR the latest health and diet trend/fad of the moment. She doesn’t worry about things she “should do” because she already knows what works for her and her body to feel great, energetic, filled with magic, sparkle, excitement and hot damn sexy! She is deeply connected to her own needs and making sure those needs are met daily and it isn’t hard for her because she doesn’t spend mental energy stressing about her needs not getting met because they are her number one priority, because she puts herself first. Imagine that: putting yourself first. Does that kind of rock your core? It should, because if your like most women I have worked with and know personally, you are probably down towards the bottom of your list and that changes NOW sister and I’m calling you out to change it! It is PROVEN in numerous studies that when women are supported, and their own needs are met first, EVERYONE around them benefits (think kids, spouse/partner, friends, co-workers, etc.) You know how you are supposed to first put on your own oxygen mask in the event of an airplane emergency? Same thing here – when you are exhausted, stressed, depleted, feeling overweight and shitty about yourself, taking care of all others needs except YOUR’S, HOW will you be able to be that caretaker?


The real question of the hour is this though: What does Body By Nature mean to YOU? It will probably mean something different to all of us because hey, we are all different. I think we do share a common thread though in that we all want to be happy and free in our own bodies. Free from obsessing about looks and sizes, comparing and despairing, worrying and stressing about food, depriving ourselves and feeling bad, wrong and ashamed of who we are, how we look or what we ate.  What part of any of that is fun or pleasurable?  

Pleasure, enjoyment, beauty, luxury, ritual, community, fellowship, nourishment and comfort are only a fraction of the words I use when talking about food and they all elicit good and healthy thoughts around food and the act of taking in food and drink. It should be something of a celebration really, and through the Body By Nature Signature System, which is a simple 6 steps, I’ll show you HOW to do that and not only heal, but RELEASE any shame, guilt, regret, stress, dislike, obsessing, need for deprivation, negative self talk, and mindless and emotional eating and drinking habits you may be suffering with around your body, food, mindset and relationships.

Body By Nature can bring you into your zone of pleasure(ZOP) while you capital E enjoy the food you love with freedom from shackles of guilt, regret, shame and waking up in the night stressing about what you ate and scheming about how you’ll deprive yourself next to “fix it”. The cool thing about Body By Nature is that it ripples out into other areas of your life too. Soon, you feel free in all areas of your life and that rocks because with freedom, comes adventure and with adventure, comes expansion, wonder, creativity, curiosity and a spontaneity that you thought got lost a couple decades ago! And best of all, you get to know yourself, your body and trust both with unwavering faith. All of a sudden, your no longer obsessed with food or eating. You are easily losing weight and dropping into your bodies natural weight for you and your LOVING it, feeling SO energetic, sexy, excited to jump out of bed each day because this whole Body By Nature thing has infiltrated your entire life and guess what? YOUR PUMPED ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT ROCKS!

There is a caveat though. To experience Body By Nature and all the unlimited and sexy benefits that go along with it, a quest must be made. A journey where you will face your fears and hang out in that zone of vulnerability(ZOV) for a bit and see what lies beneath the choices you’ve made and the habits you return to again and again.  You won’t be going alone though, oh no. I’ll be there with you, guiding you along and most importantly, supporting you and holding you accountable to the vision of yourself you have. I will not let you think your fears are bigger than that vision, I will hold the mirror of truth in front of your face in sisterhood because you see, I’ve been on my quest for quite a while now and here is the deal: the quest never ends because you never end.  I’ve traveled through dark caves, valleys and weathered storms of fear that have raged in my mind and woken me up in the middle of the night. I know your pain, your suffering, your feeling stuck and desperately wanting to experience something different and FABULOUS. You CAN and you WILL, I guarantee.

*I place a guarantee on my Body By Nature System for amazing results and you can quote me on that.

A little bit about me:

I am different from most coaches in my approach. I really bring all of my skills, strengths, training and experience to the table when working with clients.  I truly believe in the power of being connected to your body, connected to nature and the outdoors, hence, Body By Nature. We evolved outdoors and in nature and have an innate connection and communication with how alive and cyclical nature is. We don’t allow ourselves to be cyclical anymore. We are losing that connection with the natural world. I intend to change that, one client at a time, no matter how long it takes. I have seen lives transform outside and people forever changed after intensely intimate and beautiful experiences in nature. The fear and anxiety that runs rampant in todays world is a prison and it is time to be free.



I have set my mind and body free from body image obsession and yo-yoing up and down with my weight for decades. I know my mindless and emotional eating and drinking triggers well and have tools to deal with them and a HUGE part of my healing journey has come from the POWER of outdoor adventures, yoga, bodywork and coaching. I want to help you do the same, with those same things, and create an AMAZING and BADASS life that is built on ADVENTURE and FEELING AWESOME about who you are,  the body you have, what a miracle it is and how it has supported you and held you since birth!

I’ll never stop adventuring outdoors, doing yoga, taking top shelf care of myself and enjoying and receiving all that life offers me.  You never know what’s next!  So that’s the important stuff about me, but if you wanna learn more, CLICK HERE for my official bio.

Personal Photos of Sonja by Melissa Frederick