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How To Make Self Care Super Easy

How often have you put your own self care on the simmer burner way on the back of the stove as you take care of other peoples needs? If you have done this for a while, think for a minute and get real with yourself.  How does it feel? How do YOU feel? Does finding […]

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How To Ground Yourself Easily and Quickly

Grounded. What does that term mean to you? Can you feel it, this grounding? I know when I don’t feel grounded, I feel a sense like I’m floating around and nothing is really staying with me, I have no sense of “stickiness”, if that makes sense!  I feel flightly and floaty and it is really […]

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The Support A Duchess Receives

The newest member of the royal family was born a few days ago. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana emerged swaddled in the arms of her gorgeous mum from the hospital wing she was born in just 10 hours after her birth to be whisked home to the palace and then to the royal family’s country home […]

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What Death Taught Me About Life

It’s been a while, I know. Over 2 months, to be exact. I’m back and that is the story I’m sticking to and moving forward from here. Thank you. We recently experienced a death in our family and it was a significant one. It was the death of my husbands father. It was and still […]

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When You Want to QUIT

Being an entrepreneur is totally awesome! You play by YOUR rules, not someone else’s. You can decide when, where and HOW you want to work! You have UNLIMITED income potential. You can, literally, do what you want! So what happens when you feel like all you do is work, that you are “on” all of […]

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Creative Solutions to PERCIEVED Problems

So I missed last week again and I really am NOT trying to make excuses. I will, however, give you a snapshot of what went down exactly one week ago tonight. I had just realized that I had forgotten my 12th wedding anniversary(apparently I was not the only one who forgot..hey, we’ve been a little […]

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Self Help Stereotypes

So, the other night I was driving home and was listening to one of my fave radio shows on NPR, Fresh Air. Terry Gross is an excellent interviewer and always has interesting guests and topics. That night, the topic was Self Help. “This is going to be good”, I thought to myself because I am […]

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How to Turn ANY Obstacle into Opportunity

Can you dissolve negativity with a quick snap of your fingers? Can you detach from really heavy energy that surrounds you in any given moment? Can you release the need to control the outcome of every situation in your life? Can you stop worrying what others think of you? The answer to all of the […]

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Stirrings of a Soul

For today, a poem for you and your soul, if it has been stirring as mine has been. A swirl of thoughts frozen for naught as I sit and I gaze forward in a daze my mind so full, with still more coming through yet immobilized am I unable to stand lost in the storm […]

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How to Take Charge of the Overwhelm You Feel

Have you ever been wakeboarding or waterskiing? If you have, you know that feeling you get, right before you KNOW your about to wipe out and hit the water with YO FACE!!  What do you do when that feeling starts to happen? Most of us grip TIGHTER onto the tow rope, making the pending crash […]

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